Thursday, November 18, 2010

Caddie and Laila

Just wanted to tell you a little about how Caddie and Laila are doing!

Laila is so adorable! She is starting to run a little bit and can now eat completely on her own with a spoon or a fork. She loves fruit and milk and all animals (real or stuffed). She also loves her sister! You can not separate them when Caddie's not in school. They get along great!

This is Caddie and Laila's dress up session and tea party.
They made cake and cookies and tea with "extra salt!".
Laila's outfit is especially lovely. She actually picked it out herself! And of course they had to invite their bears to the party. Caddie named them "Bear" (the girl) and "Cub" (the boy).
Caddie is really doing well in school. Her teacher says that she is very bright and is doing mostly everything at the 4 year old level. She says she wishes she had more like her! She has a ton of friends, two of which are named Isabella (kinda strange). She loves school, she loves the bus and her most recent note home said that she loved oranges (also strange)! But this is a picture of Caddie's name (obviously). But she wrote this all by herself. She didn't even need me to tell her how to spell it. And she's brought home other papers from school where she wrote her name by herself. Pretty impressive!

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